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Urgent!!! What did I do wrong??

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Yesterday took my car to car wash(hand wash) and then when I went home, I started the first polishing job on my baby.

With the zaino applicator, I applied z1 on the whole car and then when I finished, I started applying Z2.

When I am done with Z2, I started using a 100% made in usa towel to take off the wax BUT I COULDNT TAKE IT OFF?!?!?!!

Its like the wax is stuck on the paint and I had to scrub very hard to get it off. I spent like 2 hours but still the wax is stucked on the paint. What have I done to my baby??? :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

Help this rookie plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
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How long after applying Z2 did you try to buff it off? It sounds like you applied too much and/or didn't wait long enough for it to dry.
Did you try buffing it off this morning? See the zainobros website, and it says what to do if you smear it.
1 - 2 of 112 Posts
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