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US servicemen in UK driving Bimmers?

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A friend of mine is stanioned another three years in the UK and is interested in buying a 325i/330i to drive over there and eventually bring the car to the States. Anybody out there with similar circumstances who could offer some advice how to go about this?
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After lurking here for a couple weeks I thought I would jump in here since it is a topic I am very familiar with...

I am US Military currently stationed in the UK and I shipped my '99 323i.

Yes, I did have to convert my car. I cost around 300GBP or roughly $500. The cost covered installing the rear fogs, the Euro headlight switch, reprogramming some functions on the ECU and placing stickers on the headlight lenses to keep my headlights from blinding oncoming traffic.

Driving a left hand drive car here is not that bad, and you learn a few tricks to passing slow traffic on two-lane roads. (Of those the best one is be patient!)

The military sales is the way to go if it works for you. Had I known that I was coming here when I bought my car, I would have duct tapped my old Grand-Am together and make it last a little longer. I could have saved around $3-$4K off MSRP!:cry:

If you have any other questions, or you friend needs to know a good dealer to service his car when he gets in the UK, let me know. I found one that honered my BMWNA warrenty and gives loaners EVERY time if you ask!
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