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USED CPO, missing a couple things.

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Have a used CPO 2007 760Li, but only got one fob with it, and no fuse card for the glove box fuse assignments.

Questions obviously:

1. Is it possible to get new fobs and programming for my car?
2. Many searches later, still can't find fuse assignment, can someone photo or scan one for 2007 760Li and post it??

I can see me leaving the car running and leaving the fob at the office or house and not being able to drive the car after shutting it down! And I need fuse assignments as I chase down a key-off battery drain.

Thanks in advance,

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I don't remember if the fuse layout is in the owners manual but you might check the link above. You can also search google for "e66 fuse box location" and see what turns up.
Fob can be ordered from the dealer and programmed for around 350.00
Hi, is this what you are looking for?


Rookie, I brought that up when I did my search but thats for a e65 and I didn't know if the e66 has a different box????
Hi Chris. Ok sorry LOL. I do believe E65 an E66 will be the same
No, thanks for going thru all of these topics this morning.

Thanks, that's what was missing. I actually dropped a fuse that disappeared into oblivion this morning, and I don't know what location and value it was, now I can put a new one in the right place :)

I had already Google'd the fuse box several times and looked at hundreds of Google pics before posting, and I really appreciate your response!

My car has a 1-ampere sleep mode drain, and the fuse panel was the next thing I needed to check.

350.00 for a fob seems high, but it's not like a commodity item, I suppose. I was surprised to learn after buying the car that you can't start it with a 'key'...

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