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Using a car wash

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Does anyone use a car wash for washing the 2013 X3? :eek: This may sound stupid but in reading the owner's manual, the car-wash employee had better know what he is doing.

Usually I stop about 4 feet from the start of the wash. The attendant gets in, gets some big trash out, starts the engine and drives a few feet to hook up with the rollers. Then he turns the ignition off.

Now, it goes into park on the X3 and things are in a mess, if he does not know what the car does. :tsk:

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I never ever in a million years would use a car wash like that on my BMWs unless it was a severe life-on-the-line emergency.
I use a touchless car wash only, one where I never get out of the car.
ok, what is that? :dunno:
I use a touchless car wash only, one where I neer get out of the car.
It's a car wash that doesn't use brushes, fabric strips, etc. You park in the middle of the bay and water jets move around and over the car. There's a blowdryer as you exit.
Nope, If you love your car, treat it as your own. Don't depend on others to look out for it~
Use a car wash all the time, just not the type that your car rolls through only the type you park in and the machinery moves around the car.
I dont even trust car detailers. I feel I do a more thorough job washing my own car, with love and care.
I haven't washed a car or truck myself for the last 20 years. Never had a problem with either kind of car washes either. However, the hook up kind (at least around here) are getting scarce and the moving wash machine seems to be the new game in town. Probably because it is easier to install, service, and works better. I suppose the "full service" washes still use the hook up, moving belt kind, but I don't use those -- just the sit in the car and let the machine do the work kind -- both water jet and felt strip "brushes". The old fashioned paint destroying rotary brushes are long gone, now its all about "soft touch" or "no touch".:angel:
Same here, use car wash all the time on all cars including my C6 Vette. Don't use the one that roll the car through, just the ones that the car does not move. Granted it took me a year or two before I would even consider putting my Vette through. Now, all go through the wash, except the Harley I think that would hurt.
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