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Using DIS/INPA with my 04 745Li

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I'm am trying to diagnose my car with DIS and INPA I have finally gotten them set up correctly, but when I go to diagnose anything in either program I continually get the error that the control unit is not responding. What is this control unit and could it be because it is missing/malfunctioning?

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I know that the TCU is missing, also. Is this the unit the programs are referring to?
You have issues with ports setup or USB-com emulation
Do you have any idea how I could diagnose this issue?

Middle of page has driver download and DIY guide. You might have a driver problem with the USB cable and COM settings.
Would it matter if when I connect the car and try doing anything with DIS it tells me the battery is only at 12V?
I ask this because I installed the drivers and set the com settings originally during install. Prior to asking on the forum, I uninstalled and reinstalled them again just to be sure.
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