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Guessing that all of the M235i/M240i convertible owners already know this info. (assuming it also works on the 228i/230i)

Not sure how we did not know that the BMW M235i Convertible Key FOB can open and close the convertible top. We found this accidentally when my wife pressed it in the correct combination while driving away in my car and we were puzzled as to how all the windows on her car rolled down on their own.

Rushed in the house and opened up the google machine and discover that the Key FOB can open and close the windows and open and close the convertible top.

Pisses me off that during the 3+ hour orientation that my wife got from the BMW dealer they never showed her this feature.

In case you don't know how to do this to roll the windows down. Unlock once. Then press and hold the unlock until the windows roll down. Want the top down also? Once the windows are down continue to hold down the unlock until the convertible top is completely down.

To reverse either process just use the lock button in the same manner. One press, and then a second press and hold until the action you want is completed.

I am starting to wonder what other magical powers these cars have that I don't know about... Is there a magic cash printing machine in the glove box I don't know about?
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