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UUC Big Boy clutch stop problems

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anyone out there have a 2002 e46 with manual tranny with UUC clutch stop installed. the switch on the '02 models is incoporated into the master clutch cylinder. the sensor mounted on the cylinder has four wires connected to it. which one's should have contact to start the car? anybody have access to wire diagrams for the '02 models?
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nope, sorry don't have a camera. what it looks like- the master cylinder has a connector with 4 wires on it (forgot the colors), and there's no separate switch for the starter safety switch. i think bmw must have changed the setup cuz has a DIY for this and it shows the clutch switch separate from the cylinder. i was just wondering if i could just hook a push button switch in parallel with the wires there. but i need to know which wires to hook up...:dunno:
think the fix will be free for those of us who have the clutch stop already? or at least at a ruduced price? :thumb:
yup, i'm just hoping that Rob and the rest at UUC will come up with a way for us with the newer mystery switch to enjoy our Big Boy clutch stops (safely, of course):thumb:
heh heh heh everybody is coming up with solutions. a guy on bmwplanet forums said that he just "slid" the switch up a bit and that worked for him.... he has a 2001 though. i'm gonna go check it out right now.....
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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