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UUC Big Boy clutch stop problems

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anyone out there have a 2002 e46 with manual tranny with UUC clutch stop installed. the switch on the '02 models is incoporated into the master clutch cylinder. the sensor mounted on the cylinder has four wires connected to it. which one's should have contact to start the car? anybody have access to wire diagrams for the '02 models?
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I spoke to Rob at UUC about this damned switch a week or so ago and he said that they expected to have something to solve this. He stated that they "didn't have anything [they] could release to the public yet," but it sounds like they will have a solution to the problem soonish.
I've lived with the damned thing for a year and am looking VERY forward to killing the switch.
The HACK said:

Knowing Rob and UUC's business practices, they'll be free.
I'm not entirely sure on that... I know that UUC typically posts a free DIY guide for this sort of thing, but... Given the level of difficulty that is involved in this, i.e. modifying the clutch master cylinder, I have to wonder.
On the other hand, he didn't seem to think it would involve additional parts. The first time I spoke to himn about this, he said they were a bit worried about legal issues, though. :dunno:
Just for the edification of those here, 2002 models seem to have LESS clutch travel before the starter switch engages. As a result, the UUC Big Boy is just a touch too long, even when screwed all the way in.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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