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UUC Big Boy clutch stop problems

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anyone out there have a 2002 e46 with manual tranny with UUC clutch stop installed. the switch on the '02 models is incoporated into the master clutch cylinder. the sensor mounted on the cylinder has four wires connected to it. which one's should have contact to start the car? anybody have access to wire diagrams for the '02 models?
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Re: Clutch Stop on 2002

Nat Brown said:
I've got the UUC Big Boy on my 2002 330i. It had to be modified with a hack saw to work. Start trimming it back until you get engagement. Works great now.

I am curious as to what you had to trim? Mine works with no modification.

I have it adjusted right at the point where the start switch is hit. Sometimes I even have to push the clutch pedal a little firmly against the Big Boy to get the switch to trip. I only have about 3/4" of travel past the engagement point.
I understand the two different items being discussed. :)

I have a the newer switch. I had to screw my clutch stop out to meet the start switch. The screw seems to be too short, not too long. But this thread is about modifying the start switch not the clutch stop so I'll kindly take it somewhere else thank you...:bigpimp:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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