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UUC SSK 'swoosh' noise. Hope its not broke...

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Check down a couple days' posts, and you'll find my writeup on my UUC SSK install. Now that I've had it for a couple of days, I gotta say I'm getting used to the bit of extra effort, and I'm starting to like it.

Anyhow, a couple of noises have developed, and I'm wondering if they're normal or what. Searching on Fanatics doesn't show anyone having a noise problem, so I dunno.

From pretty much the beginning, there would be a faint whooshing noise when the shifter was about the engage 2nd or 3rd, and I didn't think too much of it. On my way home from work just now, that whooshing got a lot louder and of a longer duration than before, accompanied with a clinking when the shifter ends its travel into 2nd or 4th.

I'm gonna do some more investigating later, but I'm suspecting that the insulating material between the shaft of the shifter and the top piece (that the knob attaches to) has shifted around somehow and when force is applied, there is metal-to-metal contact, doing 2 things: transmitting noise and vibration from the bottom of the car into the knob mount (whoosh), and allowing a sharp metal-on-metal contact when its pulled all the way back (clink). I'm not rough on the shifter by any means, but I don't think this is normal. UUC doesn't do tech support via e-mail so I'll call em in the AM as well.

I just hope its not something underneath.
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Have you tried doing it while engine is not running? Does it make that sound as well? There are two things I can think of, one, double check the "clip." I am almost 100% certain that it's seated properly...But it LOOKS from the outside to be slightly tilted up. However, the OEM clip also looks like it's slightly tilted up, and the way the UUC clip is shaped it should catch onto the groove that's on the inside. The second thing I can think of is that the rubber boot may not have been properly seated. It looks to me like it was from the bottom of the car, but UUC DID recommend that we assemble the boot and the linkage arm first before installing it onto the car. It's possible that the boot may have either slipped off the shifter rod or the fulcrum of the shifter rod, causing it to make more sound than normal.

Let me know if you need a hand...Is it getting louder and louder?
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