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V1 Automute?

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Got my V1 and did the hardwire install on friday. Love everything about the detector except for the fact that there doesn't seem to be an automute function. The only way to get it to go to the mute volume is to hit the mute button every time a bogey comes up. I wish there was a way to hear it at initial volume to alert me that there is a new bogey, and then continue to register at the muted volume. My old uniden could do this. Anyone know of any way to program the V1 to do this? I tried the programming modes, but could only figure out how to disable bands or to "automute" the k-band. Unfortunately, their "automute" just makes the whole thing quite until it hits 6 bars and then it's back to the initial volume. Hope there's a solution to this, otherwise i'll have to move the concealed display onto the signal stalk so that i can hit the mute button without taking my hands off the wheel.
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Can't be done that I've found.
I hear ya, I just sent my V1 back for the 30 MBG. I had tons of false alarms from auto door openers, even in full logic mode. Too bad so many buildings etc use same freq. as radar guns.

It's really a great device, extremely well engineered, I was really looking forward to useing it.

Other reason I sent it back is that I never received a warning from speed traps. I guess they use instant on around here, o well.
Sorry to bring up a dead thread but I thought you guys might find this interesting:

Program V1 - Automute, Misc. Functions
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