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Ah E36 M3

LMC said:
Sold mine almost two years ago. The entire time I had it the Vader backrest would creep down as I drove. Mildly annoying. From this vast experience, I'd say "they all do that" :rolleyes:
Ad yes, they all do that.:thumbdwn:

I had the following stuff replaced on my E6 M3 under warranty:

1. Sunroof railing (twice)
2. Window regulartor
3. Window modling (twice on both sides)
4. Glovebox trim falling off (twice)
5. front rubber under piece falling off (twice)
6. headliner
7. rear shock mount
8. Guibo (twice)
9. STOOPID bake light failed sensor (more than I can count)
10. Check coolant sensor (also more than I can count)
11. Mirror harness
12. Window guide

I did enjoy the car immensely though. It was a great car to drive sideways with ASC+T off.:thumbup: I sold it and got an E46 because the E36 didn't have the top end that the E46 does, well, for us 'mericans with the fack M motor anyway...

Having driven both, I would say that the ultimate is still the E36 Evo with 321HP engine, floating rotors, no ASC+T, Aliminum door skin, hood, trunk lid, and alcantara interior. A 3150 pound car with 321HP, as supposed to the 3400 pound piglet with 333HP...

02 M3 CB/Cloth SMG
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