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Re: Ah E36 M3

Stuka said:

Ad yes, they all do that.:thumbdwn:

I had the following stuff replaced on my E6 M3 under warranty:

1. Sunroof railing (twice)
2. Window regulartor
3. Window modling (twice on both sides)
4. Glovebox trim falling off (twice)
5. front rubber under piece falling off (twice)
6. headliner
7. rear shock mount
8. Guibo (twice)
9. STOOPID bake light failed sensor (more than I can count)
10. Check coolant sensor (also more than I can count)
11. Mirror harness
12. Window guide

quick, notify TD.

E36's are pieces of crap that fall apart.

No problems with my E46 here.
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