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@#$#! Vader Seat Wear

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I guess the previous owner of my car did not take the best care of the seats. My vaders really look quite good, but the side bolsters are starting to get that wrinkly/crackly look. Getting out of the car after lunch, I noticed that a small speck of black had just fallen off of the bolster. Sigh...

I have Lexol cleaner and conditioner at home, and I plan to use them this Saturday along with my car's first thorough Zainoing. Is there any other product recommended for reconditioning/repairing leather?

Hm. This should really be in the Detailing section. Looks like I can't move it myself...admins, help! :)
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an admin can do it...

The product of choice for leather conditioning is Leatherique. Here's a post from the M3 board from a guy in the leather business:
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