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Ya know what boggles my mind? I see criticism over DBW and SMG but people are DYING to get their hands on a valvetronic engine. It's just another cutting edge technology grabbed from racing. Why are people screaming at some of the cutting edge stuff but screaming FOR others???

I don't understand, either you are for new tech or you want to stick with your E30.


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Valvetronic gets us more power. I suspect that it is ALSO what the e-throttle was SPECIFICALLY designed to work with. DBW sucks because it's a hack system with the current design. With valvetronic, I have no doubt that it will be awesome. I dislike the thought of SMG because I couldn't stand to lose the clutch pedal.

The thought of paddle shifting doesn't bother me, actually. As long as I have a clutch to do it with. :D
It's not just more power... it's more power combined with better fuel economy.

But I'm not against technology and improvement... I'm for it.... except when it breaks and nobody knows how to fix it... then I'm against it.

Of course I'd never pay for steptronic transmission let alone the obscene amount they want for SMG. If it was free... I'd think about it. Maybe.

And I have no doubt that DBW v9.5F will have most of the bugs out of it and have simulated throttle cable "feel" almost perfectly!
I like DBW, SMG, and Valvetronic :thumbup:

DBW is better, IMO

Haus, I guess that you and I are just "out there" But, we also are well matched to Sports Cars :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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