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Varied Experiences after 3/18

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We picked up our 330i on 3/18--1/2 hour wait at 10.30AM. Assorted notes:

1. Pretty important: The BMW first-aid kit contains a pair of bandage scissors that you should remove from unchecked luggage.

2. Lufthansa: Although the office handling the BMW program was pleasant and efficient, LH otherwise was not. On flights (e.g., D.C.-Munich, Frankfurt-D.C.) operated by United with LH numbers, LH has a very limited number of seats to assign, and also LH in Germany told me (by phone) that I had seats assigned, and that I had to check in at LH in FRA. LH in FRA had no seats assigned and said I had to check in at United. Lesson: for flights with LH numbers and reservations made through LH, but actually operated by another airline--check in at the other airline.

3. Dulles Airport (if you're going through D.C.) is now a nightmare. Both checkin for international flights, then security, had very long, slow, and badly organized lines and quite surly TSA people. On return, it took 1/2 hour to get checked bags.

I didn't realize how close the BMW Niederlassung store (parts and accessories) was to ED pickup. Down Lilienthaler Strasse to the Frankfurter Ring, turn right, and it's only a couple of blocks. And it's great fun: lots of T shirts, key chains, models, and stuff like that, and real parts too. I got a set of rubber mats to cover my carpet mats (36 Euros).

We had a quick five-day trip: a day in Munich to rest up and see (a small part of) the Deutsches Museum, a day on pickup, driving to Garmisch, and skiing, a day (raining, so no skiing) at Neuschwanstein and WiesKirche, a day driving to and seeing Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, and a day driving to FRA, dropping off, and flying home. Quick but a great way to bond with your new BMW. My son loved our stay at Colmburg Castle, a short distance from Rothenburg. I enjoyed the couple of hundred Autobahn miles we did at an average of 85-90mph. Average!

All in all, an even better experience than I had foreseen.
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racefaith said:
Thanks for the highlihgts?

Anyone know if you were to grab a set of rubber floormats at the BMW store, put them down on top of the cloth ones and then drop the car for final desitnation at Harms, would the new mats make it back to the States and through to my dealer/delivery??
I hate getting mud from the snow(if there is any) on the new car mats. I bought some plastic mats at WalMart for $5 to take with me and then I'll toss them out once I finish my trip and return the car. I believe you cannot leave them in the car for redelivery. I'd like to see what others have done soon as I am off tomorrow.
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beewang said:
Why couldn't you buy the same plastic mats at WalMart Deutscheland :dunno: :p
I thought about it Bee but I figured I would not have time to look for a Walmart there and they probably cost $50. They are pretty light so I just threw them in the suitcase. 1 more day man. :mad:
beewang said:
Actually.... nuthing in ValMart cost that much :p

As for the location of Valmart: Take leopardStrassa north and past the Frankfurtering look for the roadsign of McDonalds and follow it. :D
Thanks Bee, I hope I don't need to go there. By the way nice wheels. I chose the same color. Less than 12hrs to go.
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1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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