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very confused

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Well, I give up. Came sooo close to signing on a 2002 330i to replace 2001 330i SP/PP/CWP because of my ongoing steering issue (soft spot dead center after retrofit and 2 alignments with max toe-in)

I had an excellent deal negotiated, color picked and everything, but at the last minute got cold feet to get rid of a car that was, except for the steering, just about perfect.

My car's steering (I've been tracking the problem since October 2001) tends to "loosen" and form a dead spot in the wheel at temperature ranges from 30-50 degrees as monitored by the car's outside gauge. At temp's above 55 degrees, the steering is outstanding. I can only surmise that the rubber components are to blame for this differential. I've always thought that the stock Conti-Sports were the culprit however hesitated thus far to change them to S-03's on the basis that I was going to get rid of the car. Now, I'm going to keep the car for the rest of the 24/36 month lease and try to terminate early when there's enough equity to move on to another 3 series or M3.

My dilemma arises from the thought that perhaps the tires are not the culprit and maybe the rubber bushings in the front steering/suspension are to blame.

Has anyone else experienced temperature variations in steering like mine?

2001 330i
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That's very interesting about the temp ranges-- might explain why the poster from CA never noticed anything wrong! My retro steering also feels the same way-- dead spot on center -- I recently saw another post on .org with a poster complaining about the same thing.

Does you dealer admit to noticing this problem? Have they inspected the steering rack and other related components? I ask because I'm taking my car in (to a different dealer than the one who did my retrofit) to inspect my steering and correct anything they see wrong.

I also have the contisports- but i don't think they're the problem since the car tracked straight before the retrofit. Maybe its the "universal coupler"? I hope that we figure this out because like you its making me hate my car.

The temp thing you mentioned is also interesting because the day I picked uo my retrofit car happened ot be a warm sunny day-- and it felt great.
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I'm considering offering to pay the dealer I bring it to "notice" and correct the problem. I have a feeling that they won't want to mess w/ it if they think its a warranty claim that they won't get payed for. Although this would severely piss me off, its:

1. cheaper than trading the car in and buy a different car
2. the only real thing wrong w/ the car-- although it has a disproportionate effect on my perception of the car
3. it would still probably be cheaper than Alee's nav upgrade :)

I may even consider paying for and having them install a new 2002 rack--or having a BMW indpenedent mechanic do it.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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