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ouch this hurts (long)

this makes me all the more mad that my dealer screwed up my m3 order. when it came in some a#% teenager taking it off the truck did $8000 worth of damage to it. He decided it would be fun to go out and drag race it behind a wal mart. He forgot that they put spacers in the suspension and when he was going like 75 mph hit a pot hole, lost control, and hit a few things. completely tore up the underside of the car as well as the front end. Needless to say i declined a reduced purchase price, took my business elsewhere and am stuck waiting, with a not so bad new 330i , for awhile for a new one to come in. But this turned out ok because now I'm going to get those new 19" rims you couldn't get at the beginning of 2002. I can't wait. Only 4 months to go!

2002 m3
Carbon Black/Black Leather
Premium pkg, Cold Weather pkg, Width Adjustable backrests, HK, 19" rims, NAV, xenon, and smg.

ps i love my 330i, great car!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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