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Visiting BMW Plant in Munich

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Has anyone visited the BMW plant in Munich, or attempted to visit the plant?

I was wondering if they give tours of the plant during the week for visitors?
Do i need an apointment or do I just show up?
How long is the tour (assuming there is one?)

Thanks for any info, trying to plan my summer trip to Europe, and I'd like to include a tour of the BMW Plant in Munich.

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Thanks a million Dave. Just what I was looking for =)

Since I will be in Munich, Frankfort, and Berlin next month, I just called the number from the Houston BMWCCA site, and Susan Wyzykowski answered her direct extension. She has not handled these matters in more than a year and gave me the number to BMW Customer Care instead.

I forwarded her the URL so that she can research how to get her information removed from the Houston Site. Dave, if you know anyone there, please forward them the number for Customer Care:


I visited the Munich plant in Oct. 99 and it was excellent. The tour lasts about 2.5 hours but you don't notice the time fly. In fact there were several productions steps that I would like to have seen that are not shown.

The museum, round bowl next to the four cylinder HQ building is worth visting too, although it is not as impressive as the Mercedes one.
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