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Velvet Blue Metallic e46

Anyone have a pic of a 3er in Velvet Blue Metallic??? BMW AG finally came through with a no go on Arizona Sun. Seems the paint doesn't meet their standard..... doesn't always match. Second choice is VBM with a gray interior, hence the request. Only pics I've seen so far are Z3s or 3er Compacts from the UK. Am hoping for a e46 sedan.

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all those paints are from the BMW Individual program. As far as I know from the information on the net, the Individual program is not available to the US. But on the other hand, I'm reading posts and seeing pictures of cars with Individual paints been delivered.

It's very important to SEE the Individual paints in person first, IMO. Because they are made of mix colors, they change with different lighting conditions. So you may want to see the entire car first before you decide. Some colors may be very disappointing. Just a friendly warning ;)

Here's a part of a 5-Series

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