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VW alarm LED door pins

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Got these installed too. You have to enlarge the existing hole to accomodate these. I also enlarged the metal hole below just in case. Turns out, it being larger makes it easier to let the wires in.
You also have to run the wiring through the door/body connectors adding the necessary pins.
I added these to my existing mirror alarm LED. Together ithey work out fine.
Problem was that the mirror LED runs at 30 ma. plus, where the door pin ones looked pretty bright at 10 ma. Based on the cost, I didn't want to check the burn out level of the door pin ones.
Depending on the output of your alarm both of these will run at the same current or not at all.
To separate the two and control the current, I had the alarm trigger a solid state relay. This way I could adjust the current to the mirror and door pin LED's by changing the value of the inline series resistors to the above mentioned amounts.
Taking the doors apart just to do this mod is not worth the effort.
If your doing this, plus the handles along with the handle lights, I say, why not.
If anyone is interested in doing this, I can provide more detail.

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Ooh, I like this mod. I've always liked the VAG LED setup compared to the somewhat lame, bigass clownnose.
Rough sketch of the wiring

Although crude, the sketch works for me. Confused me enough that I had to write it down.

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The E46's wiring may be significantly different, since its alarm is an integrated part of the General Module, and doesn't have a separate 'brain' per se. All the sensors and such are connected back to the GMV, and the GMV runs the LED. Could be interesting. I was also looking longingly at the earlier posts about the rear fogs. You guys just need the single switch assy and the wiring back. We E46ers need an entire lighting control unit... and replacing that alters the odometer, as it's where a backup copy of the odometer reading is kept. :yikes:

Vince is bored now that his Alpina wheel is in...:rolleyes:
Kaz said:
Vince is bored now that his Alpina wheel is in...:rolleyes:
Don't bait him Kaz, I think his need to design rivals Al's need to clean:yikes: :thumb:
Ron, you dont happen to know the part numbers of hte door pins off hand do you?
The part # appears to be in the first picture:dunno:
Mpire said:
Ron, you dont happen to know the part numbers of hte door pins off hand do you?
See pic. The pins are available separately but don't have the number handy.
Got the number from Dwayne.
I have a set. Don't plan on using them but am holding them in case I decide to put them on the Z4.
Don't blame me if you break them removing them from the rods.

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I have those already. I mean the little electrical pins that you run the power though the door harness with. But thanks for the help.
I have the VW leds and these pins... I need to install the painted door handles and the replacement tweeters. I just hate the idea of taking apart the door. The PPG plastic pry tools just arrived. I have ordered that fancy door clip removal tool. I am gearing up for a pretty big install push. I need to get the car done. Well, everything but wheels.

I have a few rattles that I cant find, the glove box is rattling, and I have yet to figure out how to keep the rear speaker grills from rattling. I just think they are too thin. I dont know yet. Its all got to get done before I am married...
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