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Waiting for my car

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I bought a 330i three weeks ago and I am going crazy waiting for it. My car is at 193 (at port waiting for transport). Hopefully it will be shipped on Friday. How long before I get it?
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Depends where you are. the boat ride takes 11-15 days to the East coast, but more like 28 days to the West coast. Tack 5 more days or so on for transport time/waiting at port/VPC etc.
I live in New York, so I huess my car will be shipped to Newark. I saw on another thread that someone got a list of dates when boats will be shipping, and their expected arrival date. Does anyone know where I can get this information.
Try Try the cargo tracking by ports. I'm not sure which port your car leaves from, but it will arrive into New York. (it actually arrives in NJ, but use New York here)

Once you've been on the boat a few days, you can track using your VIN#
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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