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I live in two places and have a 03 745 that sleeps for 6 months a year. I keep it on a trickle charger and turn the battery switch in the trunk to the off position while I'm gone. I have a friend come in, start her up and take her for a spin once a month.

I came back last year and the nav was out. Read up on the forum, removed the MOST loop in the glovebox and it started working...........

Returned this year to find everything not working- radio, nav..........can't even access my driver information to check on maintenance items.....nothing. Checked the fuses-good- checked the battery switch to make sure I slid it to "on" and pulled the FOB in the glovebox....still nothing.

I've got a lollipop I can use to jump components on the most bus, but, I noticed when pulling the fuse for the nav that the nav unit powered up, and then went off. I could be that it's not being communicated with, but I'm wondering if the unit isn't working.

Final question: I've read where the vehicle puts the components on the MOST buss to sleep after about 30 minutes. Is there any reason they wouldn't wake up after turning the battery switch to the "on" position and starting the car?:dunno:
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