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Wanna see some nasty BMWs?

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here is thier website

Mod your car all you want, but some of these are rediculous. WTF is up with the E30s and RX-7 like rear ends? :dunno:

I guess that it's just those wacky Germans :tsk: :tsk:
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Why not just buy Civic's. This makes me so angry I'm just going to keep quiet.

The scariest thing about it is that the people who replied to the thread actually like the cars.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
****ing german rice. I agree. Leave that shit to the civic crowds.
the red e46 looks pretty good but the rest..what the fu(k???:thumbdwn: :thumbdwn: :thumbdwn: ..these guys are crazy.
OMFG tell me they did not do that to an 8 series. PLEASE tell me they did not take one of the most beautiful car and destroyed it. WTF are they doing this kind of cheap *ss mods on an 80,000 car for?
Gold wheels? Rolled fenders with louvers ?!?!


Most of those BMW Allianz guys are Army and Air Force dudes. I see some cars on base with the BMW Allianz stickers on them. It's a bit much for my taste.
Based on the plates visible in the pictures the majority of the cars, including the metallic puke green E36 with gold wheels, belong to Germans (one from Switzerland?).

The red M3(?), the black with silver checkered E46, the topaz E46 (looks stock), the red E36, and the blue E39 are U.S. forces registered cars.

Wait, I don’t have a point…………….. I think I’m going to be sick.
Those guys really know how to ruin beautiful cars. Sad.

I can't stop from chuckling though... I can just see those guys watching their traffic spike from this link, saying, "Look how many people are coming to look at our cool cars! They love them! You think we should start selling these parts online?" :lmao:

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