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Wanted: Thoughts from Lemon Interior Owners

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If anyone has taken delivery of their E90 with a lemon interior; I would be very interested to know what your thoughts on the maintenance of the lemon interior will be. My thought (and I think most peoples) are that it looks great.

BUT we would now like to know what you think a few weeks into your purchase. Is it way too delicate?, okay?, and have you had any marks? Any regrets? Are you getting too pre-occupied looking after the interior? etc etc

Also, could you please advise if the colour of the Lemon is actually what is shown in the small swatch in the small 3 Series brochure that is available at dealers or is it lighter or darker.

Thanks - your thoughts are appreciated - it will help in the decisio making process for my interior (down to Black or Lemon)
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But does it look white


thanks for the feedback - very helpful. I think that I will have to just chill if I order this color - although we all get a little touchy initially :) :)

But in terms of the Lemon - is it as white as what is shown on some internet pictures or can you definately see the sand/lemon color of the swatch?

for example if you look at :

it nearly looks white - is it actually as light as this?

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