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Do you warm up your car before driving?

  • Yes

    Votes: 12 19.0%
  • No

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Warm up?

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Do you allow your car to warm up or just fire it up and rock!
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I shift at around 3000 rpm until the temp gauge is in the middle- then I wait another 10 minutes (atleast I try to) for the oil to warm up. Then I shift at around 5000+. Usually, this point coincides w/ the shifter getting much smoother (from the tranny oil heating up).
geomax said:

Right! A lot of people think the heat comes from their engine, when in fact there is completely seperate heating unit. Engine heat may help, but the bulk comes from the heater.

As for the engine, I wait for the idle to drop, then drive conservatively until the engine temp gauge starts to move - then I let it rip.
Heat DOES come from the engine...
Coolant (heated by the engine) circulates through the heater core -- which is like a radiator and then a fan blows air past this providing heat. There is a direct correlation between the water temp (coolant) of the engine and the maximum amount of heat that you can achieve. Cars warm up faster if you drive them vs idling. Or- did you mean that most people think car heaters are like those in old VW beetles/vans-- air directly from the engine compartment is used to provide heat...
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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