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Hi All

I purchased 2006 BMW E90 320i Ex. Sedan from a dealership 3 days ago has done 100k km and I have noticed no problem in the way it handles.

The issue i have is

The warning is an, "engine" symbol.
The manual states this symbol has 2 different meaning depending on whether or not it is flashing or is just Lit.

In my case, it's in panel 1 and its NOT flashing just "lit".

The manual says,

Is flashing - Cause is "engine fault under high load. High engine load on will result in damage to the catalytic converter.

Is just Lit - Cause is "engine fault with adverse effect on exhaust emissions"

What does this all mean????? :dunno:

Now when i turn the car on it now also says I'm overdue for a service -1200 (spark plugs)

I called the dealer when I noticed it. I told him the above, I was advised he would need to call me back as he needed to call someone as it is a Saturday.

He called me back after about 5min, I was advised the following,
* I shouldn't worry and it will be fine & he will have a techy call me on Monday.
* Since we are getting the original stereo replaced and there are exposed "fibre optics" this is most likely the cause…. And i shouldn't worry

Then he finished off with you bought the extended warranty so you will be fine.

I have checked my warranty and exhaust system components including mufflers, pipes and "catalytic converter" are excluded…

Since I bought the car from the dealer they did a 100 point check and they surely would have given the car a service prior to sale? But the service log book hasn't recorded a service since 87,953, but the oil sticker on the windscreen says next one is due at 120,000.

I would appreciate any advice or information about this error. As it is going to be hot during the day high 30's is it safe to drive?

Sorry for the long winded post.

Thank you.

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