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Hello, I'm new to this Forum but as I'm on my third BMW and think it's my turn for car troubles.

My 06 BMW had 4 lights come on yesterday and the book doesn't really explain in a language I understand, what it's all about.

First light came on at 60mph and looks like a cross section of a tyre with an exclamation point on it. It was coloured red. I looked in the little book and it said something about initialising my run flat indicator. So I go through the process of this and the light disappears. Brilliant! I think. I get home and park for a couple hours then getting ready to drive 75 miles to London and soon as I start the car, 3 lights show up. All in yellow. First one is a circle with 3 little dashes on each side and an exclamation point in centre. It's the same light for your hand brake only when I release the hand brake it stays on. second light is a triangle with a circle round it and an exclamation point in centre. Third light is same only with a bigger exclamation point on right hand side of this whole symbol.

I've read various blogs and something along lines of maybe sensor behind left rear or right front tyre or possibly brake pads worn but what do I know?

Mechanic is closed and I'm scared to drive in case car breaks down somewhere along A1!

I did notice Friday night that when I pressed the brakes I heard a little squeak. Thought it was car next to me and as windows were up, I thought nothing further of it.

Any suggestions?
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