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I recently had my tires rotated - the wheels were swapped front to back. Soon afterwards the whole dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree! ABS, passenger airbag, parking brake, engine check. Also, the speedometer stopped working, the steering feels heavy and who knows what else.

The dealer currently has the car but, so far, has not been able to isolate what is causing all these issues. They say "something is not communicating ...."

Prior to all this, the only on-going problem with the car that I have noticed is the drivers side door lock. The actuator seems to be on the way out as it does not always work as efficiently as it should.

Has anyone else experienced this? Was something disturbed when the tires were rotated? Can the faulty lock actuator possibly have something to do with it?

2013 528i with 65,000. No other problems, other than the above, up to now.

Any feedback would be most appreciated.

S Thompson
Ft Worth, TX
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