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Because of the fact that i am drunk right now, I am offering my house for everyone to wash their car. I live in Goleta, roughly 10 minutes north of the BMW dealership, where bimmerfest is at. Here are the directions. Drive north of the dealership, until the three lanes turn into tow, and you will see los carneros exit(about 5 miles from the dealership). Take the exit, go left, over the over pass, and down about 2 miles until it comes to a T, at el collegio. Take a right and first left on Camino del sur, and then drive down 3 or 4 stop signs until you get to Trigo. Take a right and call me, 6683 Trigo Rd.. Phone number is 707-287-3371. Dont call me before 8, but everyone is welcome. See at the fest.


Oh and some one has to wash my car too, hahaha. any volunteers????
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