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Water in Fuel Filler Shroud

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The 2000 M Roadster has a fuel flap on the passenger side. Inside is a fuel aperature and gas cap, below which is a neoprene shroud. In rainy weather, it's not unusual for me to find an inch of standing water in there. It's well below the aperature, so there's no acute gas/water mixing problem. However, it cannot be good to have that water near metal parts and fuel. I considered poking a hole in the bottom to let it drain down. Maybe one is there by design, and it's just plugged up? I don't know if the water is coming in around the filler flap, or if it's coming up fromt the rear wheel well. Ideas?

I will be glad when summer is finally here.
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Yep, there is a hole in the bottom that's just plugged up. I had the same issue.

You need some stiff weedwhacker cord...about three feet of it. Just push it through and it'll clear the blockage right out.
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