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Water Ingress

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Hi guys looks like i have this problem..I was hoovering my car when i noticed the carpet was damp even though its not rained for a few days plus the weather has been hot..I read this post but cant find the water grommets under the micro filters so i took some pics if some one could explain to me were they are or were the hell is water getting in..I checked the door grommet at the bottom and there dry and open...It seems to be coming in from under the bottom left kick plate... :(
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Clean drainage inlets in moonroof

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Hi dont have a moonroof..
hi has anybody had this..
All 7 series have moon roof
You need to remove the connecting oval shaped "tube " that the micro filter attaches to. That tube attaches to the vent hole in the firewall. There's a lever you have to pull toward the front of the car, to release it from said vent hole. Under that tube is a recessed area that has a drain in the front outer corner, about the size of your little finger. When that gets plugged, the water fills up to the vent and pours into the cabin.
The weathers been hot? Could you have been running the a/c?
The two evaporator drains frequently clog on these vehicles. It will soak the rug and you may hear bubbling sounds from the vents at the back of the center console.

It requires getting under the car, removing the plastic shield under the transmission and blowing compressed air up the drain tubes that straddle each side of the transmission. Fun stuff!
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