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Water pump problem!

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Hey guys, I'm new on the forum..
I own a 2002 525i, Over the weekend i took it for a long drive and it broke on me.. It still runs but it has lost horse power. When driving the engine sounds forced and it hardly runs. No light have turn on. When i heard the noise I Immediately turn off the car and started to check oil level, water and all the fluids on the engine, everything seams fine.

I had a lick on the upper radiator hose about 3months ago and fix it. But after the lick it started to make this loud cracking noise that i couldn't tell if it was coming from the fan clutch or the water pump. After the car broke on me i kept turning it on and off and now the laud noise is gone. It sound smooth just like when i bought it. But when i drive it sound WAYYYY TO FORCED!!

I was just wondering if any of u guys have had this problem before. I will replace the water pump to be on the safe side but i don't know if that's the problem. ANY TIPS??:tsk:
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The best tip possible: If mileage over 80k, and cooling system never replaced: OVERHAUL THE COOLING SYSTEM for piece of mind for the next 80K miles.
i didn't understand what he's saying.
Neither did I but responded to two words: "ANY TIPS" :rofl: because it sounds like it's time for an overhaul.
i didn't understand what he's saying.
You shouldn't lick anything in your engine bay.
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