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Found plently of info on RWD models but very limited for xdrive models which is why im posting this for others who may have the same issue. Even the Hemmings book is useless! I specifically just did mine on a 2010 E92 335i (N54) xdrive/6MT and here were the few things I learned as the Bavarian youtube DIY video only solves half the equation. Should be very similar for all N-series xdrive models.

Heres the video, its a good guide and will help along side the directions I post below. Good luck!
Remove =
Reinstal =

1.) Remove plastic tray underneath and passenger tire.
*You will notice sub-frame and sway-bar set up is completely blocking access compared to videos, this is where things get difficult.
2.) Move power steering line out of the way by disconnecting brackets.
3.) Remove power steering bracket mount from passenger side to allow more access to area for hand.
4.) Take both securing bolts out for the hard coolant hose (should say made in italy right on it or Serpin-it) that goes all the way to thermostat. Don't need to disconnect, just need loose.
5.) Remove four sway bar mount bolts. You should be able to slide fingers between plastic hose and sway bar if you pull on them. You will only need to do this to slip an extension and socket through to reach bottom E12 bolt on waterpump mount.
6.) Remove stiffening plate. Can reuse bolts but one or more may snap due to corrosion. There easy to drill out magnesium bolts, not a big set back. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE SUB FRAME! It is a tight job especially without a lift but is doable.

*Everything is removed that needs to be, time to start on waterpump and thermostat.

7.) Through passenger tire access and through stiffening plate hole, you can pry the thermostat to pump U-hose out and disconnect water pump wires. It is tight but be patient and between those two spots with picks/screwdriver you can get it out. Coolant will go everywhere, this is your warning!
8.) Remove hoses from front access point on thermostat. Unbolt two thermostat bolts (10mm i think) and push toward passenger side out of the way. You need to get waterpump out first then thermo for xdrive.
9.) Working in the one inch gap by pulling the sway bar and plastic coolant line out with your free hand, slide swivel e12 socket and extension through and you can reach lower two mount bolts.
10.) Come in from the passenger tire gap to reach top e12 mount bolt.
11.) Remove ground wire and maneuver water pump out by rotating downward and forcing it as far as possible toward the thermostat/passenger side and pulling.
12.) Thermostat can come out now too. Must disconnect wire located on bottom before you pull to hard.
13.) Same thing but reverse for install.

Things to note:
- BE PATIENT! Two hands make the job easier for sure but no doubt it sucks either way...
- 3/8 drive will work, trust me. IDK if e12 1/4 exist but by making the small gap with sway bar and coolant line, its possible to reach both bolts with 3/8 swivel set up.
- Use OEM pump + thermo and new bolts, not a time/part to cheap out on. I got both for $470ish from Also should get U-hose connecting thermo to pump $40ish. Had bad experiance with Simmens VDO crap in the past.
- Don't lower/drive without stiffening plate installed again.
- If under body is soaked in oil, your oil filter housing is probably leaking so put that on the to do list.

Sorry for no photos, just follow this and the video together and it will all make sense as you go. Hope this helps!
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