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Watering ban + Zaino arrived = bummer

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This board is seriously warping me...

Whereas in my last car, I would take it through the gas station carwash (If I washed it at all) in this situation...

I have a funny feeling I'm going to be up at 6:00AM saturday morning washing and polymer waxing...

Fines for improper watering have quadrupled here... so much for sleeping in.
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(I guess I'll reply to my own message so it doesn't look lame)

I applied two coats this weekend and since it was my first time I was fairly surprised after reading everything people have written about it in this forum...

a few observations:

I used Z2 + ZFX and even though it sounds kinda odd to be "mixing chemicals" to wax your car, there really is nothing to this... just follow directions.

Once mixed, the Z works just like every wax I've ever used... although it is a bit harder to see where you've covered if you have Tit Silver.

Taking it off was a breeze... It isn't as thick and gummy as wax so I was able to wipe off quite a bit before flipping my towel.

Overall... I'd say I'm a convert. I've never really been *that* into detailing before I got this car so I was worried I'd hate doing all the work but it seemed in my mind not any more difficult than turtle wax... and with such great results (it was so easy, i even did the wheels). It makes me wish I had a black car to get more of a mirror effect, but I've never seen a silver car sparkle so much.

Anyway, maybe I should place my next order by the case.
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