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Folks, I hear a weird continuous sound (like a dugu dugu dugu) when driving my 2017 530i xDrive. I would say the sound has become more prominent in the last few weeks.

I have uploaded a recording here:!Ap6Qpqsyf0gNjvd2rTQtiCW6q9dRig

The sound is much more prominent than it appears in the recording (the iPhone recording makes the sound appear more muffled)

Any ideas what it is? I am planning to take it to the dealership in a week or two.

When I am parked and rev the engine, I don't hear anything and the engine sounds appear perfect. It is when the car is running especially when driving slowly or driving uphill. It feels like something is loose. I also feel more vibration in the steering when driving at slow speeds and overall the car feels more sluggish getting off from standstill.

What could it be? Something in the transmission or drive train or exhaust? Something else? It is not the tires since they are brand new and I dont hear any sound if I coast on a smooth road.
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