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Hi -

I was doing some troubleshooting last night using INPA with the engine running. Was using the display options in the DME module to read the actual numbers as reported by the DME.

About mid-way through my troubleshooting, I looked into the car and found the gauge cluster in a very weird mode. The low brake fluid and ASC lights were lit and the tach was pegged at max RPM.

I shut off the engine and disconnected INPA. Upon re-starting the engine, the ASC lights and brake fluid light went off, but the tach stayed pegged at max RPM. The engine is actually idling normally.

The ASC seems to turn on and off without any trouble as well.

Any thoughts on what happened to my tach? How to "reset" it to normal? The problem only occurs with the engine running; no issue with the key turned to "on" and engine off.

Other than the gauge being pegged, nothing else seems amiss. I checked the KOMBI module in INPA for faults, and didnt find any faults that wouldn't clear.

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