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Weird wipers

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The back edge of the F30 hood is so close to the windshield that the wipers can only be lifted a couple inches. Lift further and the wiper arms will contact the back edge of the hood. Do it hard enough, and the paint will get chipped. There is a procedure in the manual to get the wipers to park in the upright position to clean or change the blades. Manual says to turn ignition off, then raise the wiper switch lever to the highest position for several seconds. I have tried this, and succeeded once in about ten tries. I am going to reread the manual, and try again. If I can't figure out how to do this consistently, I won't take the car to any car wash until CA or SA shows me how to do it. I can see the car wash dudes flipping the arms up like they normally do to wipe the bottom of the windshield, and then ooops, sorry. In the interim, I am hand washing the car at home.

I see there is another thread about this. Others have had the same problem making this work.

p.s. - We looked at several CPO E350s. Every one had paint chipped where wiper arms hit the back edge of the hood.
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I haven't been able to get it to work either. I've followed the directions in the manual as you have, but no dice.
Finally, an explanation that makes sense. I tried this, and it works. Thanks for posting!
Does it bother anyone else that a full sweep of the passenger side wiper deposits all the water right in front of the driver, right in the middle of the driver's field of vision? The water sits there until the next sweep of the driver side wiper. This is more bothersome at night when this standing water picks up reflections from headlights. I don't know, maybe its just me.
I've never noticed it. Then again, it doesn't rain often where I live. :)
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