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Well, if it was going to happen - Re: 330 Steering Retrofit

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it was going to happen to me. My 330Ci retrofit steering rack has failed. :mad: Yup, less than one year and less than 3,000 miles and the POS is making noise and it's leaking. :mad:
If it isn't broken, don't' fix it. I guess that goes both ways, BMW AG for ever missing with the steering in the first place (making it lighter in 2001) :mad: and for me actually going through with having the retrofit performed. I knew something like this was bound to happen. :mad:
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Sean said:
Looks like that was a very wise decision. I believe Alan F. made the same choice. As you can tell I'm very displeased about this. We would have never known that the rack was leaking if the Tech had not removed the plastic panel to listen to the noise that the steering rack started making yesterday. Damn remanufactured steering racks. :thumbdwn:
Damn, that bites that it failed. What are they going to do to correct the problem? Replace it again?
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