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Wet/Dry Car Vac

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Any recommendations for car vacuums. I'm looking for one that:

1. plugs into cig lighter
2. can be used wet or dry
3. has good sucking power
4. has decent set of attachments for interior detailing

I want to use it for the interior as well as sucking water out of exterior seams after washing, so it needs to have a fairly long power cord (to reach from cig lighter to back of car exterior and trunk area).

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I doubt you're gonna be able to find one that runs off 12v AND has enough power to suck/blow water after washing. I tried my new 5HP shopvac for blowing water out of crevices, and it worked fairly well, but any less power and I don't think it would be as effective.
I'd forget the cig lighter type, they're worthless IMO. Go for the Sears 16gal. wet/dry shop vac. Great machine, lots of power. About $100. Mine's going strong after 13 years.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I figured I might not get something I want that works on 12V, so I'll look around for an AC shopvac.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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