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I think I've found the problem 100.00 later and will be taking my car back to the shop.
It's raining very light here in the Northwest. I notice a stream of water running from behind the panel @ the bottom every time I would wipe it dry. I notice the rubber on the outer side of the window had been pull over more to the left and overlapping there. Leaving a 1/4" gap near the mirror. This may have happened when I took my car through the high pressure brush free car wash, or when the guy tinted my windows in May. But I've been through rain since then? It looks like water is getting behind the panel of the door and dripping over to the carpet underneath the mat on the front passenger side. I put some plastic in the gap until I can get back to those dumb mechanics that couldn't figure this out.:mad: What do you guys are some pictures. Can water get through the gaps there? Never had this to happen. I moved the rubber over a little, it was overlapping more then the picture.
Maybe I can move it over all the way with the window down??


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