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(Updated 6/14/2021)
We understand that picking a Father's Day gift isn't easy. You don't want to get (and your partner doesn't want to get you) the usual boring tie or a really cringe apron. But it's hard to pick out the right stuff for the father or father figure in your life if you don't know what they're looking for. So, we reached out and asked you, our forum readers, for the gifts you'd want to get. It's like a letter to Santa but in June. So here is our BMW Father's Day Gift Guide, and it's full of some great ideas.

1. Staff Favorite: Beam Electronics Universal Phone Car Air Vent Mount Holder


Because only the latest BMW models have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, there's a chance you might want to keep your phone in view when you're driving. A phone holder that clips to your BMW's air vents is a great gift idea and this one from Beam Electronics omes recommended by moRider. "Got it 3 years ago and fits nicely on my car's far left vent. Even with CarPlay, I like to keep my phone handy. Plus, the F30 has very limited space to store things." It should hold almost any phone and has side-grip support arms to keep dad's phone in place when they're driving their BMW like it's a BMW. A one-click release makes it easy to get your phone back and the cutouts at the bottom give you room for a charging cable.


2. BMW Motorsports M-power 2018 Team Hat


User @ard suggested a gift card for the local massage therapist, and while we certainly appreciate that the last two years have given us all enough stress to need a good massage, that's not exactly what we're looking for.

Instead, how about a BMW hat?

Puma's M Motorsport snapback caps are a cool way to show you're a fan. They have printed logos and are officially licensed. The best part, though, is the brim. It shows a subtle M three-stripe on the very edge for anyone looking at it but flip the hat up and the whole underside gets the M colors. It's pretty cool.


3. Seat Hoody Waterproof Seat Covers


You didn't get 800-way power-adjustable sports seats finished in Alcantara for your BMW just to hide them under an ugly cover. But you also didn't buy them so that they would get ruined the first time you took your BMW to the beach. User @XChallengeRdr suggested a Seat Hoody. It's a cover that's meant to be put on and removed quickly, so you toss it on in the morning if you're headed for something dirty and remove it when you get home. "We're outdoor and gym kind of folks. Seat Hoody keeps the interior from smelling and looking like us after a hike." It's 100 percent waterproof (and sweatproof), and we might even get it out for the next track day to keep the seats fresh.


4. RaceQuip Open Face Helmet


What's the point of having a BMW M Competition model if you aren't planning on taking it to the track? Show dad you want them to go fast but do it safely with a new helmet from RaceQuip. A helmet was suggested by Quackbury to go along with a gift card for a day at a BMW Car Club of America high-performance driving school event or one of BMW's own events. An amazing place to learn what a BMW is truly capable of doing. If you're taking your car to the track, though, a DOT-marked motorcycle helmet doesn't cut it. You want something designed for cars wearing a SNELL SA2020 badge for Father’s Day. SA2015 or older stamps mean the helmet is also older, so you'll want to avoid them. Open face for comfort and airflow, this helmet will help keep you safe on the track.


5. Ran When Parked Coffee Table Book


You can't drive all of the time, so how about a BMW book? We don't mean a coffee table book, but something a bit more interesting. That you'll want to read. Ran When Parked is the story of how Rob Siegel bought a 1972 BMW 2002tii sight unseen and then immediately drove it 3,000 miles back home. Siegel has written for the BMW CCA's Roundell magazine for more than 30 years and in this book goes on a BMW adventure that any dad would dream of. Maybe this will inspire them to go out and do it and you can go along for the ride.


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Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re a dad who hasn’t been asked what you’d like on your special day, you’ll likely end up with a tie, funny socks, or the traditional coffee mug with some sort of humorous saying. Now is your chance to beat your loved ones to the punch.

We want to hear from you Dads. Share what you’d love to find in your Father’s Day gift box with the Bimmerfest family! Whether it be some cool accessories and gadgets for your car, interior detailing products or polishes or waxes to keep the exterior of your car looking fresh, or maybe a unique experience at the BMW Performance Center, now is the time to let your loved ones know. Here is a chance to make your Father’s Day Wish List that you can conveniently leave open on your spouse/partners browser to drop a subtle hint at what you want for your special day.

Drop a comment below and let us all know what’s at the top of your wish list and hopefully in a few weeks, you’ll share some photos with what you get on your special day. Even if it’s a tie and mug.