There’s a thin line between love and hate when it comes to run flat tires. On one hand, they offer a sense of comfort and security in knowing that in the event a tire is punctured in the middle of nowhere your tire won't deflate. This allows you to safely continue your journey till you’re able to have the tire replaced at a qualified tire shop. In fact, by design you should hardly notice any difference in handling or performance of your tire in the event of a puncture.

As with anything that has a list of pros, they’ll also have a list of cons and run flat tires are no different. By design they are a stiffer tire to support the weight of a vehicle when they have been punctured, making for a rougher ride than a conventional tire. Additionally, this design causes them to wear faster, which leads to an additional con of there being a limited selection for you to choose from.

Where do you stand on run flat tires? Do the pros of run flat tires outweigh the cons of them? In a recent piece done on the Best Tires for Your BMW, it seemed that many members had strong opinions about run flat tires on both sides of the spectrum. We’d love your opinion on what you like or don’t like about run flat tires. If you do like them, what is your favorite brand/model and why?