Updated 11/22/2021
For some people, the trunk of their car is the dumping grounds for anything they don't want in the interior of their car, so having a good trunk organizer is a great way to help keep the clutter under control.

We store everything from groceries, luggage and emergency car essentials in the trunks of our cars and often times even more odds and ends that can be forgotten about. The problem is that things can easily be lost or forgotten about once that trunk lid comes down. Additionally once that lid comes down and you're driving, it's easy for said items to tip and/or slide around creating even more of a mess for you to have to organize again. If those items did happen to move about the trunk, do you want your groceries coming in contact with the jumper cables or portable jumper you keep in the trunk in case of an emergency?

This is where having a good trunk organizer can be a tremendous help in your BMW. For some it seems like a novelty gift that you can give at Christmas, but in reality these organizers can make you life much easier by keeping the items in your trunk safe and secure. Here are the top choices from our fellow Bimmerfest members and editors.

1. Top Choice: Fortem Car Trunk Organizer
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This trunk organizer comes with a lid, and that makes it ideal for keeping your cargo not just contained, but away from prying eyes. Available in standard and large sizes, the Fortem organizer has detachable divider panels to let you customize the space to fit your needs. It is also covered with exterior hook and loop-closure pockets that give you even more places to store your automotive items. Two carry handles let you take your organizer from home to vehicle (or the other way around) for transporting groceries or other shopping if you haven't brought bags with you. To keep everything in place, the organizer comes with two securing straps that can hold it securely to the cargo tie-down hooks in the back of your BMW, making sure that the things you have stored stay in place. Even if you're driving it like a BMW.

Features: Securing straps, closing cover, carry handles


2. Runner Up: Haokay Durable Car Trunk Organizer
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Organize your gear and keep your groceries and drinks cold? This trunk organizer comes with a built-in insulated cooler bag that can help keep your ice cream frozen and your cola cool when you're on the road. Three large storage compartments hold your emergency items as well as tire gauges or snacks. At the same time, the leakproof cooler bag can hold freezer packs or bags of ice to give you the cold storage you need. Large handles make it easy to remove the entire organizer to fill, empty, and drain the melted ice. Straps hold it securely to the load floor of your vehicle without sliding around corners or under heavy acceleration.

Features: Insulated cooler bag, tie-down straps, dry goods compartments


3. Best Collapsible Trunk Storage: CleverMade 45L Collapsible Storage Bins
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Folding crates make great trunk storage. They're versatile and can hold nearly any cargo you're transporting, but they fold down to almost nothing for when it's time to bring larger cargo along for the ride. These crates, combined with some straps, are also ideal for hauling more hazardous items like propane tanks, gas cans, and even paint. Why? Because you can use the straps to attach the tank or cans to the crate, then strap the whole assembly to the hooks in the trunk or cargo area. These crates can be used as shopping bags when you're headed in store, and are easy to carry into your kitchen, too. This is a three-pack of crates to give you even more flexibility and storage.

Features: Heavy-duty storage, great for items that need to stay standing


4. Rola 59001 Organizer
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A non-slip rigid base makes the Rola 59001 storage organizer a great way to store your cargo in the back of your BMW. It also makes it easier to carry your items inside. The compartments are easily adjustable through hook and loop rails running down the side of the organizer to let you adjust the fit to your needs. Straps and buckles help secure events and help keep the cargo organizer in place in the back of your BMW. This organizer is not as tall as some of the others on the list, making it easier to reach and store small items. While the organizer will collapse for easier storage, it has a spring-loaded self-opening system that pops it up into place quickly and easily when it's time to use it.

Features: spring-loaded opening, lower-height compartments, rigid base


5. Oasser Hanging Organizer
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Need more organization but also frequently transport large items like golf clubs or suitcases? You need a seatback trunk organizer like this one from Oasser. It hooks onto the headrests of your rear seats and offers you places to put nearly everything without tying up your load floor with a big box. Attaching to your headrests with easy-adjust straps and buckles, it's as easy to remove as it is to attach, adding convenience. Six different-sized pockets let you hold emergency kit items, phone chargers, detailing supplies, grocery bags, or anything else you need to keep in place. It's made from heavy-duty cloth and nylon and has clear PVC pockets to let you easily see all of your cargo.

Features: Doesn't use trunk space, easy to clean, multiple pockets


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Original Post 11/8/2021
Many of our members have already seen the light and have one installed in one of their BMWs or other vehicles, and we're turning to those members to share which you use and what you like about it. Is it one that you can collapse and easily stow away when you don't need it, or do you keep it up at all times? We want to see which you use so other forum members can purchase with confidence. It's even better if you can upload an image to see how they fit in your trunk and how much you can store in it or how you use each compartment. We'll compile all of your feedback and share it with all the Bimmerfest family so they can easily make a decision on which to get if they want to simplify their lives too.

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