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What could be in THIS box??

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So I found this box in my living room.

What could it be? I opened it up carefully...

And slowly...

Something "round"...and black...

And ah-ha!!! Weeee!!! :D

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:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
This is hand-stitched..

So are these little arrows. In case you wonder, one arrow for moving the car forward, the other to reverse. If you press both, the car stops. Easier to nagivate than I-drive!! :D

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Where's the 'Eject' button ? :D
Ah..good question, Herr Baumann. The "Eject" is activated by pressing the forward arrow 2 times, and hold for 5 seconds. And immediately press the reverse button for 0.5 seconds.

Alpina said it ain't easy. But practice makes perfect..:D :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

Alex Baumann said:
Where's the 'Eject' button ? :D
LOL - Vince, you're like a kid in a candy shop!! :D

Congrats on the wheel - you were waiting an eon for that. Looks like it was well worth it!! :thumb:
Oh very nice! :D

SO don't the arrows do the same thing as the paddles retrofit? :confused:
you need to change your handle to: ChiefAlpinaNerd :D
Cool Vince! :thumb:

Congrats! I just saw that you completed the paddles retrofit. Dumb question (clearly I missed the whole retrofit thing): did you get them working? Will the same apply to the arrows?
Mr. Common Sense? I think Vince is over at the Alpina nutfarm :D

But before the psycho cops lock you up, can I have your die cast collection? :angel:

Have lots of fun on this new project. :thumb:
Right on Vince looks awesome. You'll witness "The Return of the son of Aachen" real soon ;)
Woo Hoo....big party some where in Cali today:p

Congrats, looks great but I'm sure will look even better installed:thumb:
Hey all!

Thanks for the replies!:thumb: :thumb:

Always a kid in my heart. ;) I love collecting BMW miniatures and I love to visit toy stores. ;)

in_d_haus, Alex325i:
Yes there one button each behind the respective arrows. And they do work exactly like the paddles. :D

31st330i, DaveN323i,Clem,PM 325xiT, Kaz:
Nothing is more Alpina-nerdy then to send B. Bovensiepen a written letter on 5th of March. This morning I got a reply from his sales manager instead. My passion is officially RECOGNISED by Alpina! Below is an extract from the email:

We are very pleased to recognise not only your passion to ALPINA but
also the fact that you are a true customer of our products.

Günther Schuster
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That is just so cool. The Alpina graphic on the bottom is kind of flashy for my taste-- but you'll definitely have a unique car!
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