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What did you do to your X today?

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I used to hang out on the E60 sub-forum and enjoyed the "What did you do to your 5er today" thread. That thread has over 73K views and 1,100 posts - in less than two years. Some funny postings and some serious mods are offered up. Perhaps we should change the sub-heading to this thread to something like "What did you do to your EX today?" to spice things up. :rofl:
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I had my X4 2.8 coded

Fellow 'Fester Almaretto coded the wife's X4 2.8 - no more annoying Gongs, enhanced Bluetooth, map update, closing of windows continue when doors are opened, visual volume sliders gone, Easy Entry (driver's seat moves back when door opened) and some stuff I don't remember right now. Al is an excellent coder - highly recommended. He had already coded my X4 M40, incl. the "must have" LED No Glare High Beams (NGHB). Unfortunately, the 2.8 has the Xenon lights, so I had to settle for "BMW Adaptive Headlights."
This is what I've been doing it lol, making it faster
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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