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What I found Under My Valve Cover

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In the middle of a DIY valve cover gasket replacement, lifted off my cover and on the inside(top of cover itself) was a pretty alarming amount of crud build up but only in certain spots. Not the reddish build up that is stuck to your oil filler cap from vapor and chemicals, but a gritty black grime like you would find built up under a leaky engine. The inside looks clean as a church. Cams, chains etc all look clean. Its just on the cover. My question is...Should I wash this off and with what?
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Any pics? I'd clean it off while you've got it apart. No reason to let that linger inside the engine. Brake cleaner is what I would use (read the label for proper usage).
Used Brakleen on my VC and worked fine.

Use the chlorinated kind for best cleaning.
Oh, you live in CA. Too bad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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