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The biggest advantage of wireless RF remotes is their range: they can transmit up to 30 meters from the receiver, and wireless signals can travel through walls. Because of these advantages, you'll be looking everywhere for IR/RF remotes for home theater components. These remotes use IR/RF converters to extend the transmission range of IR remotes.
Learning remotes can receive and store codes transmitted by other remotes; these codes can then be transmitted to control devices that can understand the codes. For example, you have a receiver with a pre-programmed remote, and you buy a new TV that comes with a learning remote. The Learning Remote accepts the signals sent by your receiver's remote and remembers those signals so that it can control the receiver. This doesn't require you to enter command codes yourself - the learning remote can receive and store signals from other remotes. All learning remotes are considered universal remotes because they can control multiple devices.
Some IR remotes can send IR and RF signals. RF signals are not meant to control RF equipment. Rather, it means that the operating range of the infrared remote control extends from about 9 meters to about 30 meters (provided or acquired) and allows the signal to travel through walls and glass covers. The remote automatically transmits IR and RF signals for each command. When using the IR/RF converter of the receiver terminal, it takes the signal and converts the signal into IR pulses that the device can understand. This way your IR remote can increase the volume of your home theater from the upstairs bedroom.
When the user uses the RF remote control once, he needs to pair the remote control with the product first. If the remote control is not paired, the remote control cannot be used. Since the remote control equipped with each series of products is also very different, during the back pairing process Follow the instructions in the manual closely.
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