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What is the lifetime of a 1995 540I?

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I have a 540I which has 117,000 miles on it. How much longer should it still run for? And also does this model tend to have a lot of problems or issues?
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If you service it when it's due it'll last 400+ miles
That's a really broad question, and subject to a lot of things. If you use 85 octane gas and never change the oil, it'll run for another 10k miles. If you regularly change the oil, fuel filters, spark plugs, coolant, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc it will last you forever*.
But, to answer the question I think you're asking- the M60 is trickier to work on than others due to the limited space in the engine bay and there are more electronics involved, so there are generally more issues with this engine than others. However, taken care of correctly (also assuming that the PO took care of it correctly), they'll take you to 300k+

*Included in the "etc etc etc etc" is several engine rebuilds, transmission replacements, and a huge amount of replacement parts.

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Mine is creeping up on 160k and runs like a bat out hell.
117k is still pretty low miles for that car. Expect to have to do the cooling system and a suspension rebuild. Beyond that, just keep it in good repair and it can go triple the miles you have on it now. Not for free, especially if you have to pay to have work done but, these can be economical and fun cars to own even with some miles on them.
change the oil
change the oil
change the oil

The rest of the car will desengrate around the engine.

If your changing every 5k, it doesnt much matter what you put in, providing for heat/cold of your region.

Enjoy your car!

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