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What is the purpose of those ugly fins?

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Looking at a 2011 335i convertible w/sport package. I hate the look of those "fins" under the bumper on the right and left sides? Do they serve some purpose or just look ugly?
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Those 2 white/silver things... Do they serve some purpose?
It incents most people to buy the m-sport version that has a much better looking front end! I am assuming they help direct airflow into the brake ducts or oil cooler duct, not sure why BMW things they should be silver to stick out like a sore thumb - I think a lot of people black them out to make them much less noticeable. I like the LCI sedan, but the coupe/convertible looked better before the LCI in my book. Msport front bumper fixes it all!
Agree, the front end of the M Package bumper is much nicer. I've been looking for a car for so long that I've kind of given up on finding the needle in a haystack. Wanted a 335i with M Package in Lemans blue. Saw one a couple of months ago but that didn't work out. Haven't seen another since. My second choice was a deep sea blue with sport package. I found it but since I'd only been looking at cars with the M package, I hadn't seen the ugly "fins". If it were to improve the air intake, you would think the bumper that came with the M package would have them too. Seriously, WHY wouldn't BMW at least paint them to match the color of the grille? A friend of mine has the 328i sedan and her "fins" are black to match the color of the grille. If I buy this car, and there is a good chance I will because frankly I'm tired of scouring the internet and looking at cars from here to Utah, I am going to have to do something about those things. Can I paint them? If yes, how/what kind of paint? Any ideas?
Damn. Those (I would call) splitters on either side of the grill are not attractive for sure. Based on their position, size and orientation they look decorative, at best. It's hard for me to see any real functional role they would play on a 3 series.

And silver. Seriously? Wow.
Yeah they sure are, but unlike the BMW "fins", they make the car look really cool!
Sure, you can paint them or have them painted. Lots of plastic on the car is painted, bumpers, rocker panels etc.
Can I paint them? If yes, how/what kind of paint? Any ideas?
Right! Damn they're butt ugly. Does anyone know if they can be removed without changing out the whole bumper for an M bumper? <not sure if that is still considered bumper, you'll have to excuse my ignorance and of course, correct me, if I am wrong>
I just can't imagine a bunch of BMW engineers and designers standing back, looking at that, and saying "yeah, that's it... looks great... send it to the assembly line"
Well, not sure, but maybe you could look up the part on and see if no body has a non-M vert.

Course you could just get an M3 vert.

Comes with an M bumper. And other stuff. :bigpimp:
I don't want the M3. Living where I do in NJ and the way I commute every day, the beauty of it would be lost. Not worth the extra money to have it sit idling in traffic. I did want the 335i with M Package, but like I said, the only color I like with the M package is Lemans blue. Since I can't afford new, I have been waiting for a used or CPO to come up. No luck. Getting tired of waiting and looking and figured since "M Package" is more for show than performance, I would "settle" for the sports package in Deep Sea Blue. That's when I noticed the "fins". Test drove the car today and it is really nice, but if I buy, gonna have to do something about them.
BTW, Roadkillbob.... .love the car : )
They are ugly for sure. I had to wait a long time to find an MSport version in the used market and I had to travel to go get it. But it was worth it to me. I would paint these things if it was me, I think they look terrible.
They do look terrible. If I buy the car I will definitely paint them. I have been looking for about 2 1/2 months now and I've looked as far away as Texas (I'm in NJ) but no luck. I have seen, and almost bought a 2009 Sapphire black/black interior, but not a great combo for a convertible. Really hot. My husband has a 350Z in maroon metallic with black interior, and his car is hot with the top down. My current 330ci convertible has gray leather interior and is noticably cooler than his. I want the Lemans Blue. I'll probably kick myself in the ass a week after I buy this one because I'll see the Lemans blue M package for sale. You know how that goes, when you stop looking....
if you have the time, and are willing to travel, be patient, the right car will surface.
Really, I think if you get the car, fins and all, you may grow used to them. And of course at the end of the day they can be easily painted. Should be simple to show a picture to any good body shop guy and get a ball park figure of what it would cost.

I'd just ignore the fins, focus on condition and best value with the color/options you want.
Engineers will never say that, they will look at the wind tunnel data and say those work great send it to production.

My theory is it is small simple part and the design group let the intern work on it!

I also don't get why it is black on the 328, but on the 335 they choose to emphasize it with silver paint - go figure!
I just can't imagine a bunch of BMW engineers and designers standing back, looking at that, and saying "yeah, that's it... looks great... send it to the assembly line"
easy fix... you can swap them for the 328i trim, paint them, or plasti-dip them
im pretty sure they are purely cosmetic, but just removing them will leave gaps.
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